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PEMCO goes live with ADT’s Wings MRO Software in 4 months amid pandemic

AMES Tampa (formerly PEMCO World Air Services, Inc.), acquired by ATSG (NASDAQ:ATSG) subsidiary AMES, chose Wings for their MRO operations on April 2020. AMES Tampa provides heavy maintenance and modification to narrow body aircraft and is a world leader in narrow-body freighter conversions, including market leading B737-300/400 programs with 60+ customers in 25+ countries, over 120 aircraft in service and 2 million hours of safe, reliable operations. AMES Tampa is headquartered in Tampa, Florida with partner operations in The Americas and Asia.

Managing a successful MRO software implementation is a challenging issue many vendors face amid pandemic. ADT offered a challenging plan to finalize the implementation in 4 months. There was no window for any problems or delays that may risk the go live date.

Training sessions have started in early May and ADT consultants have conducted detailed training sessions module-by-module with AMES Tampa users via online meeting sessions.

One of the challenging parts of an MRO systems implementation is having ongoing maintenance projects on go live cutover date. ADT ensures that the on-going projects’ data on legacy system and migrated more than 10 active projects before the cutover date on a single day.

It is quite common, before going live, users may have difficulties realizing they are going live within a couple of weeks. ADT has migrated all the required data from the legacy system into a new Wings instance called PrePROD and allowed users to validate their data and practice their daily routines in Wings before going live. By conducting a test go-live practice on this system, ADT has ensured organizational readiness and identified potential barriers to change. Following this practice, the users were more comfortable going “live” within weeks.